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As anyone who knows me will tell you, music was my first true passion in life. I was raised in the suburbs of Seattle, and I pursued a career in music wholeheartedly. Ultimately, I did secure a deal with Capitol Records, and launched a national tour. After I finished touring, I settled down here in Kitsap County and started a family of my own.
From there, it wasn’t long before real estate became my new passion. It’s true what they say about doing a job you love — if you choose a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Being passionate about what we do has helped not only me, but our entire team, become one of the area’s most prominent Real Estate Brokers with over 1000 closed sales. Our versatile knowledge and unparalleled experience allows us to represent a wide variety of clientele, while managing projects of all shapes and sizes.
As a Real Estate Broker and Owner of the Paramount Real Estate Group, Paramount Property Management Group, Paramount Construction and Design, & Paramount Real Estate Investments LLC, my unique background and over 23 years of experience allows me to represent a wide range of clients. Whether they be first time home buyers on a limited budget, to those buyers more interested in searching the exclusive luxury home market, I will provide you with what you need.

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